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Kiroro Resort ASSURES your purchase of season passes and lift tickets with us! 


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* Goggles, hats, and gloves are not available for rental to prevent the spread of COVID19 infection.
* When renting ski wear or helmets, please wear a neck tube, balaclava, and inner cap to prevent COVID19 infection.
* Goggles, gloves, hats, neck tubes, balaclavas, and inner caps can be purchased at the shop or ticket counters.


- Please check the latest information about the lift operation.

【 Lift Operation Hours

【 Weather and Lift Status

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Snowboard Gear Set Adult

Rental snowboard, boots (up to 13 years old)
From ¥4,680 incl tax

Snowboard Gear Set Child

Rental snowboard, boots (under 12 years old)
From ¥3,330 incl tax