Frequently Asked Questions

Q / What is Kiroca?

・This is a RFID card that you can use only at Kiroro Snow World. This card enables you to ride a lift, rent equipment, take lessons at the Kiroro Academy, and register at Kiroro Mountain Club without multiple purchase of tickets. One card is entitled to one person.


Q / What is Kiroca code?

・It is the alphabet/number printed on the surface of the card.


Q / What are the advantages of having Kiroca?

・Once issued, you can continue to use the same card for the next season. Also, if you enter the number "Kiroca code" printed on the front of the card and purchase lift pass(es) on Kiroro Webstore, purchased items will be recorded automatically on the card. It saves you hassles to go ticket counter onsite again.


Q / This is my first time to purchase though webstore, but what should I do?

・Click here


Q / What kind of products can be purchased at the webstore?

・You can purchase season passes, 1-day passes, 3 hour, 6hour times passes, rental equipment and kiroro original products.


Q / How do I register a new Kiroca?

・Please register here.



Q / Only myself need to purchase the lift passes and rental equipment. How many Kiroca is needed?

・One. If you would like to purchase a lift pass and rental equipment, you can purchase multiple items under ONE Kiroca. Please enter your height, weight and shoe size and proceed to check out.


Q / How many Kiroca is needed for a family of four?

・Four Kiroca are required. Each Kiroca only entitles one name for a person. Please enter the family member name, select the desired lift pass for each and proceed to check out or continue shopping.


Q / I entered my email address when registering, but I cannot proceed to the purchase.

・1, The email address may be wrong. 2, The registration has not been completed. Please proceed to new registration. 3, Re-registration had not been completed.


Q / Can I see the riding history?

・Unfortunately, the riding history cannot be seen on this Webstore.


Q / I want to change my email address, what should I do?

・After logging in once, you can change your registered email address on the 'My Account' page.


Q / Is there any payment method other than credit card?

・We only accept credit cards.


Q / I will be 65 years old in October, and the super early discount is on sale until June 30th. Should I buy it at the senior rate or the adult rate?

・We count on the date of purchase. If you purchase on 30th June, you have to purchase at adult rate.


Q / I am not sure if payment is made already.
What should I do?

・When the payment is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you do not receive it, please check your spam/junk mailbox first.
If you still do not receive the confirmation email, please contact us at


Q / I would like to use webstore for the first time. What should I do after that?

・Please check the confirmation email to see if you can purchase the necessary products for each person who is planning to visit. If you have a kiroca, please make sure that the kiroca code also matches. Please note that one registered Kiroca cannot purchase all passengers’ lift passes instead.)

[People who have Kiroca]
Since the goods will be charged directly to your Kiroca, you do not need to issue tickets at an automatic ticket machine (Online Pass Pickup) or counter. Please proceed directly to the lift ride and pick up your rental. Those who have purchased a season ticket will be able to rewrite the year of the pass, so please drop in at the ticket counter.

[Those who do not have Kiroca]
Please hold the bar code in the confirmation email with an automatic ticket machine (Online Pass Pickup) and receive the kiroca. If you are purchasing a rental, please bring the ticketed Kiroca and proceed to the rental corner.
If you have purchased a season pass, please drop in at the ticket counter. * A separate deposit of 500 yen will be charged when issuing season tickets.

Q / I have a Kiroca. I want to buy the lift pass at the webstore. What should I do?

・[Enter the Kiroca code you have]
Since the purchased lift pass will be charged directly to your Kiroca, you do not need to issue tickets at Online Pass Pickup. Please proceed to pick up rental equipment directly.
Those who have purchased a season pass will be able to rewrite the year of the pass, so please drop in at the ticket counter when.


Q / Is it possible to cancel after the lift pass and rental purchase?

・If you are unused and meet the conditions of the cancellation policy, you can cancel. Please contact us with your purchase number or go directly to the ticket counter in the Mountain Center.
Season tickets will be refunded only for passes that have never been used. "


Q / How old are infants to be free of charge?

・Lifts are free for children aged 0-5 years, but Kiroca is required. Please purchase at the ticket counter.


Q / How old are youths?

・Age between13-18 years old on the day of purchase.


Q / Can I purchase and use the lift pass without specifying the date?

・If the date is not decided, there is no problem in using even if you do not specify it.


Q / I don't know if I can use consecutive pass or separate pass.

・Lift passes are available on any day during the season, even if they are not consecutive. Please note that rentals are available on consecutive days.



For any other questions, please contact us by email.
Email: contact form
* It may take 2-3 days to reply.